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Mar 25

The promised microphone

Yey! Guitar Center has, shure at a great price! Well, we bought a music system that supposed to come with a microphone. I searched for the product in the internet before purchasing it. I tried to sell it to her so that she would give the budget for it. I showed to her that the …

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Dec 09

Let us jam

I have a friend named Banjo. He loves music. This post, banjo musicians friend is very for him. How appropriate, right? I once created a poem for him when he was into Bajos. Banjo love Bajos. I wonder where he is now. We have not seen each other for so long. One thing sure, when …

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Jul 18

Durable and great sounding

I was lying down already and trying to get some sleep when I heard guitar playing. Hmmm, did they get new ernie ball slinky strings already? Yes, it is in the strings, I believe. Well, I had experienced before when I had rusty strings and the sound of my guitar was also rusty. Change your …

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Jan 30


My friend, Chris called asking me to help him look for Cleartone guitar strings. Good timing as I am also about to purchase one for my own guitar. I need to replace those strings already. I think that the sound of the guitar really varies depending on the quality of strings used. Oh, of course, …

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Sep 02

Good music

First, the guitar, now the Drums! Well, that is when you have a very active child, huh! We encourage him to find his inclination so that he will use some of his time away from the computer. I used to play drums during my elementary days. But, I did not have my own drum set. …

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Aug 27

Guitar lessons

I want a guitar! I really wanted to learn how to play a guitar ever since the world has began! Well, it is a must in our family to know how to play at least one musical instrument. Sometimes, I am kidding them and told them that my instrument is my voice itself! 🙂 Anyways, …

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Oct 13

Family jamming

It is a movie weekend once again for us. Well, if somebody could give us another form of entertainment like listening to good clarinet then we would be really glad to turn to it. We love music and it is just that we have not totally embrace it yet. I wonder how we could teach …

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Apr 04

New from the old man and old from the young man

When will you know that something is really popular? Well for songs, the different versions and the many singers that sing it. Just like the song, A Song For You, which is written by a rock artist-Leon Russell! Imagine that! I always thought that it is an original by the Carpenters! I am even listening …

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Sep 18

Isn’t She Lovely

Isn’t she lovely popped into my mind this morning. I played it and decided to look for the video in YouTube and some history in Wikipedia. Wow! Stevie Wonder actually wrote it for her daughter. This is very inspiring. Imagine, at one minute old, the baby girl already has a song, written for her by …

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Feb 27

Diet song

Whenever I see the images at www.oxyeliteproreviews.org, I am thinking of the previous figure that any person had. You know, the flat and trimmed tunny. Now, I am looking at my belly. I just wish that I could have a remedy. Loose that body fat. Loose that belly fat and again, be sexy. Have you …

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