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Jun 12

Good taste in things for an architect and an interior designer

I will be attending the 25th wedding anniversary of my cousin today! I took care of the Round burlap tabecloths for the dining arrangements. There are flowers too! Oh, I could still remember when I attended it twenty five yearsago. She was 30 years old then and I was around 17 years old! She and …

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Dec 01

Pursue the project

I am really glad to have found artemide lighting online. I fell in love with those ceiling lights. We are about to have a simple renovation of our living room and dining area. It involves the ceiling and I found a perfect accent for it, those lights! I am really excited. I hope to be …

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Jul 19


So, I stopped and looked for kitchen sinks! Pretty nice that I want to renovate our kitchen and even our bathroom right now. I am already computing the budget and I am really excited. There are lots of design to choose from! What we have right now is a stainless single sink over tiles with …

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Jun 09

Change in theme

I woke up early today. I have so many plans. I looked around the house and oh, the flooring needs Tigressa carpet already! Yes, time to replace the flooring! I spent the whole day yesterday looking at houses of celebrities. There is a show here that features celebrity houses. One lady told the host that …

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Jun 03

The closest I can get

What a hotel weekend! We entered the room and smelled the aroma of the new Bedford Mills Carpet. Felt good on the feet as it felt being massaged by mere stepping onto it. The bed was strategically located at the center. There was a even a mini balcony and we could enjoy the beauty of …

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May 18

Surprise for my son

My son saw www.soothingwalls.com for outdoor fountains. He asked me if we could buy one as he loves fountains. Oh, if only we can really buy one. I love fountains too. Maybe we could really do some renovation in that small lot in front of the main house. The fountain will be placed there. Okay, …

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May 11

Stocks on everything

Mall day yesterday! I am looking for straight line action clamps. I did not find any at the hardware store I went. Maybe I will just try online. Well, you know, just filling my tool box. Rainy season is about to come so we are sort of stocking in everything. Yes, not just food. In …

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Apr 12

Pay the bills

This is such a good morning! Well, there are times that you do not expect things to come but blessings are really abundant! God is good all the time! Well, I got some cash and I think the Good Lord knows how much my electric bill will be this coming reading because of air-con use. …

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Jan 18

Cigar and coffee in a cold morning

I am thinking about cao cigars right now! Just lounge around the terrace and smoke that! I actually like the cold weather. You know, it makes you cuddle and just stay home with the rest of the gang! I wish that after this, hot breakfast shall also be served. Meantime, cigar and coffee in the …

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Nov 21

The mount and the TV

We almost purchased a tv mount by standsandmounts last Saturday. Well, that is one of our to buy items for our new room. Given that there is a minimal space, surely we need a mount. Anyways, since the room is not yet completely done, as we need to put some tiles or carpet maybe for …

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