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May 07

The results are in

Well, I went to do a very delicate test for a woman. I prayed hard for the results to be clear. The OB was ecstatic with the results and congratulated me. Positive! No, I am not pregnant! I mean I am cleared of any uterus or ovaries affectation. But, wait, a small myoma that is …

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Apr 06

Health Alert: Boils

I think I have a boil! I am quite worried but of course, I need to calm down. I will just pay a visit to the doctor by Tuesday. It is vacation time and I will be back in office where I will avail the services of our company doctor. I do not think that …

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Mar 25

Long life

There she is, at the table with chips, tea and some bananas and her computer. To think that it is very early in a Saturday morning! What a healthy lifestyle, huh! Well, I tried to encourage her to get some exercise. Maybe she will start to log her activities again by Monday! I saw her …

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Feb 24

The Yo-yo diet

I do not know if I have written about this but then come to think of it, most of my posts about dieting represents a Yo-yo diet. I saw her and she was sitting on the sofa and she was actually bloated as she just finished her dinner. So, she stopped dieting again? There were …

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Feb 03

Yay to Fitness

Yay to Fitness! That needs to be my Mantra! Gosh, I gained 3 kilos this Holiday season! I am now having a hard time to lose it. Well, I still love eating. I love rice! I actually told myself, eat or exercise? I mean, to diet or to exercise? I know that those two should …

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Jul 19

Invest in health

Have you heard about the Lunchbox diet? I would really like to try it. Well, it is like eating a programmed meal and you are not being deprived. It is quite expensive since it is about $9 per day. Oh, maybe in US it is affordable but here in our country, that is 430Php. Anyways, …

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Jul 07

Live longer

Fruits or veggies in water this time? Well, I am really glad to have read articles about detoxification. My recent read: Cucumbers. Oh, there are so many benefits of cucumber. Yes, you can put this in water too. It is not always lemon at all. Every person must really take care of his health if …

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Mar 13

Dedicating their lives

Let us admit that substance and alcohol addiction could really harm a person’s mind and body. Fremont rehab could help. Yes, people who are addicted to something should be rehabilitated. Everybody deserves a second chance, right? That is why, I really admire institutions that give help. They are noble enough to dedicate their lives in …

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Feb 20

Clear view

Joey told me about his foster grant reading glasses. According to him, he is really enjoying it. The eyeglasses are comfortable and even looks chic. Well, I need a new pair. The pairs that I have came from my cousin from Japan and those were not really mine. I know that I should really get …

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Jan 14

Beautiful Monday Morning

Beautiful Monday Morning! It is cold and there is a typhoon. Well, I think I had less than 6 hours of sleep. Anyways, I have to move on and move my body. I think I need even just a little bit of exercise. I will do the metafit maybe before taking a bath. It will …

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