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Sep 16

A gift for a job well done

How much does a guitar cost these days? We already have two but I want to buy another one. Not for the family but as a gift to one of my nephews that will be graduating from College this October. You know, a gift for a job well done. Now he can focus on his …

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Dec 09

Give him a good sound

What could be the gifts for music producers? Well, in my opinion, that would be a gold record or a platinum one as fast as the singer can, right? Maybe be number one in ITunes and other music charts? Oh, you mean, gifts as in material ones? Ah, yes. I know that even the richest …

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Dec 09

Gift giving season

It is the time of the year again for gifts! Well, there are parties everywhere and most of it involves gift giving. For our team’s party, it will be held this 15th. I have not checked the link for the wish list because I do not have time yet but maybe later, I will. I …

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Jun 13

Summer activity

It is school vacation already. I am asking my son what summer activity he would like to join or enroll to. He told me that maybe horseback riding? Oh, that is a good one, huh! Now, I just have to buy some Equestrian Corner apparel. Oh, yes, a horse too! Well, maybe my son got …

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Apr 17

Something special

Wow! A zoom q3hd for sale! My nephew is asking for a handy video recorder as a graduation gift for him. Well, he would like to create videos and upload it in you tube. According to him, that is what he is going to make himself busy with during the vacation period. After that, it …

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Mar 19


Took a peek at his logs and found out that he was looking at mpd32 from guitar center. Now I know what to give him this Christmas. It is Peter my cousin who visited us for the Holidays. Well, he might be surprised when he returned and just see that right at the doorstep. 🙂 …

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Nov 27

Wake up Joey

I am tempted to wake Joey up and ask him about rocktron. Well, he has this written in his Christmas list. I am now shopping and I would like to buy it already. Anyways, I just searched for the item online and saw that there is a line of rockton products. Now, I have to …

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Oct 06

The most loving grandmother

It is October! I encountered one buyer and asking me to find a st christopher necklace. Well, the 14kt yellow gold medal is a good find. I suggested it to her. According to the lady, she will buy one fo he grandson. Wow! Lucky guy for having such a geneous and loving grandmother. I asked …

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Aug 30

Everyday and everywhere

Women who wear japanese akoya pearls or any kind of nice pearls for that matter really look so dignified. Pearls are so versatile. Before, we only see them in big parties or formal gatherings or office places, but now we can already see pearls everyday and everywhere! I really admire women who wear pearls. My …

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Jul 09

Make her day

I think that the easiest thing to do is to look for gifts for a womens birthday. Do you agree? Well, we already know that chocolates and flowers can do the trick, right? Jewelry for the high end gift is also in the list. Fruit baskets with a teddy bear, oh adorable! But then again, …

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