Tag: faith

May 16

Daily Devotions

I am bow trying to renew my faith. Being Beautiful inside is one of my goals now. The daily devotion today really hits me. It made me realize that indeed we are very careful of things that will harm our physical being… But then, how about pur soul? What do we do to ensure that …

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Jan 19

Choose the more humble purchase

Learning from the Pope: Choose the more humble purchase. Does it mean that we should not go for branded ones? Does it mean that we should go for cheaper one? Does it basically mean that we should live simply? I would like to think that we live a simple life… someone I know used not …

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Mar 02

Forgiveness is a choice

Forgiveness is a choice. I really like watching movies that have moral lessons. Just like the movie that I am watching right now, tells about forgiveness. Well, as one song says…forgiveness is a miracle of love.

Jun 09

Leave it to God

It is a beautiful Sunday morning. I am actually trying to motivate myself and push myself hard? Well, I want to leave it all to God. He will be my refuge. When I feel hopeless, I know that only God could help me. I thank Him for His love. He is the Greatest!

Mar 14

Monday Morning

It is a Beautiful Monday Morning! Thank You, Lord for all the blessings. Even though I am not that a good child, You are still so good to me. Thank You, Thank You! All praises to You for Your Grace and Greatness. Thank You, Thank You. I just said my morning Thank Yous. Have you …

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