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Feb 20

Pretty Jessica

Jessica Sanchez was here in our country last Valentine. She did a series of shows and had a major concert in Araneta Coliseum last Feb. 14. The concert goers had a blast! Even though Jessica sounded tired because of the series of shows that she did prior to the concert, she was still able to …

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Sep 09

Movie Saturday

Yes, I just had a movie Marathon yesterday. Three movies in a row. I had Hunger Games, Mama Mia and Wallstreet. All great films with beautiful women in it. First Hunger Games. Though I do not really like violence, I just opened my mind that it was just a movie based on games. I was …

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Oct 13

After a day’s work

Have you been to online casinos? Well, there are poker games and other casino games that can be accessed thru social networking sites these days. There is one here at my blog too. Just for fun, try the black jack game and see if you will increase the default amount or lose! Just for fun! …

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Apr 27

Pia and Paul

Pia and Paul are one of my favorites in American Idol. Beautiful people, aren’t they? Oh, they were booted out by Stefano’s better good looks and more girl fans? Anyways, Stefano was also booted out last week. Hailey and Jacob Lusk might be the next ones to be booted out unless Scotty would be put …

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Nov 20

Play watch

Have you watched a play this year? My brother is into plays and I am so proud of him. That gave us the chance to watch one last September. College days were brought back. I was once an actor too! 🙂 What I love about it? The costumes! Well, women in corsets and those big …

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May 17

My Bestfriend’s Wedding: One of my favorite movies of all time

One of my favorite movies is My Bestfriend’s Wedding starring the one and only Julia Roberts. Let me share this video from the movie which I think is one of the best parts of the film.

May 19

Favorite show

She is acting like a teenager again with the new TV show that is actually a remake or just another version of the past TV show that she had already watched over and over before. Oh, women! She is asking me to record it because the time slot was changed. She could not watch it …

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Feb 21

Go for the versatile!

In this time of crisis, we should buy things that are multi purpose. You might find these things a little bit higher in price but if you would really think about it, you could instead save instead of choosing to purchase separate items. Example is a PS3. As we all know, this product is really …

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Jan 21

Be all what you have to be

There is a male celebrity here in our country who made a total transformation. After admitting in a local show here about his sexuality, he did some gay roles. At first, he was not yet resorting to cross dressing. In one awards night though, he appeared wearing a woman’s dress. During the interview, he said …

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