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Feb 24

The Yo-yo diet

I do not know if I have written about this but then come to think of it, most of my posts about dieting represents a Yo-yo diet. I saw her and she was sitting on the sofa and she was actually bloated as she just finished her dinner. So, she stopped dieting again? There were …

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Oct 12

Go back to Diet and Live Healthily

One of my prayers—to live at least 20 more years with no sickness—just healthy and no problems. They say that I should not just pray for God’s Mercy but I have to work hard for it as well. So, I always tell myself Go back to Diet and Live Healthily. I really wish I can …

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Aug 15

Eat at least six times a day

Eat at least six times a day… in small proportions. That might help you not to overeat during the main meals. Hahaha, she has been reading again as she gained six pounds in less than a month. Talking about crash diets and all. Healthy snacks could be the key. There is yogurt! Go for the …

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Feb 02

two hands

Whoa! The belly measures two hands! That is palm flat! Well, time to really go back to serious dieting. There is a show, The Biggest Loser which will have its first episode Feb 3 here in our country. Surely many people will try to diet with them. I will! Let us see if I will …

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Dec 01

Fresh produce

Oh, yes, she counts calories! It is about her diet again, yes! I think I should get her a weighing scale for food. She can use that in measuring her food especially those that do not have a calorie count in the label. Mostly, fresh produce like the tons of apples and bananas and watermelon …

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Aug 03

Enjoyable diet

1200 calories per day for a woman, is that enough? Well, I read in one blog about surviving in around 800 calories per day. I wonder if that is even possible. Well, diets could really be that lonely? I do not think so! I am actually formulating some recipes right now on how to have …

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Jul 19

Invest in health

Have you heard about the Lunchbox diet? I would really like to try it. Well, it is like eating a programmed meal and you are not being deprived. It is quite expensive since it is about $9 per day. Oh, maybe in US it is affordable but here in our country, that is 430Php. Anyways, …

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Aug 09

Not everyday please

Tuna diet has ended! Yipe! The sun is out! Well, after being stuck for almost three days, we can finally go out. Well, I do not want to step on the scale as surely I gained weight because of the long hours of sleep. Thanks to the rain! Anyways, I really hope that it will …

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Jul 09

Healthy food for her

What happened to her diet? Has she totally forgotten that she needs to lose some weight? Starvation is not the key, I guess. Those fad diets only make her backslide. I think she needs to establish a new regimen. I wish I could help her on that. I shall cook healthy food for her, I …

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Jun 17

A phase

I am worried about her. She is undergoing another phase. I really do not know how to help her but she has gained 15 pounds in less than a month. She stopped exercising also. Sometimes, she even feels lazy going to the office. I really hope that this phase will be over soon as it …

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