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Sep 21

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My friend told me that he is planning to join a seminar that will teach him about sound system set-up. That is a great idea! I advised him to invest in good sound system equipments and even music instruments. Well, I just saw this pod x3 live and I think he can make use of …

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Aug 03

Two years from now

My friend is really successful with her new venture. Now, she is going to get wholesale yard signs so that many will really know about her new business. She is going full blast and is thinking of resigning from the office two years from now. She is encouraging me to join her. I am deeply …

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Apr 12

My first land

If there is a business I want to get into, that will be real estate. I already have an experience in this field. Well, I worked for a real estate and construction company at the same time before. Yes, the company sells land and they also construct. Two big endeavors and seem large capital, huh? …

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Oct 16

Good idea for life

A life insurance is a good idea and I wonder if the company I am working for has it. Well, there is such thing as that? I can be insured because I am a key man? The benefits will go to my employer as they are the ones who will insure me for the purpose …

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Oct 13


One of the things that I like to do or put my mind on is Paper Christmas cards. I love collecting cards. I want to make my own greeting cards someday. The writing is okay already as I love composing poems or even write some stories. The next thing for me to learn is the …

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May 20

Good move

My son would say, use the plastic, Mom. Well, I think he could work at plastic card printing at plastic printers. Well, plastic is really durable, do you agree? IDs which are in paper are laminated with plastic for protection. Plastics seem more durable than paper thus even calling cards can now be in plastic! …

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Apr 22

I am convinced

Oh, who would not want to buy cheap silver dollars? Her ye!Heary ye! Tweet it and post it on your social network site. Who knows? You could have just helped someone start his own collection or even business? More so, start your own, now! Oh, do I sound like a telemarketer here? Kidding aside, yes, …

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Mar 10

New grocery store

There is a new grocery store in our area in time for the closing of the wet and dry market. Well, no meats and fish yet nor veggies but the usual supermarket items. No need for me to go farther as it will only take a few minutes of walk for me to reach the …

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Aug 13

Wandering cars

Gracey, one of our dearest friends lives in Canada. She is very proud of her home especially her garage. Have you heard of crown steel garages? She got her own! Gracey always believes in durability and quality thus she makes sure that she invests in good things. As of me, I do not have a …

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Jun 15

Benefit of the consumers

It is good to know that there are now services or even malls with coupled Visa reward card. There is one local mall here in our country which has a partner bank and the credit card is also named same as the mall name. There are also gasoline stations with its own reward card or …

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