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Apr 21

Birthday Surprise

I need to write about the Birthday Surprise I got from an advertiser! They paid me! Yes, I was really surprised seeing the e-mail. I checked my paypal account and the money is there! Praise The Lord for ths wonderful blessing! Tomorrow is my birthday! Well, we have money to spend for good food and …

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Apr 08

Still Unpaid

One of the reasons why I am keeping this blog alive is because there is one advertiser left for this blog. Well, to think that this blog was not around for almost a couple of weeks, the advertiser did not pull out. What a good and most considerate one, you might say? Not! Well, the …

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Apr 08

This Blog is Alive

Well, I am happy that I was able to find some posts that I thought I lost. As I have mentioned this blog has a new home. So far, so good. I think I just lost around a year of posts but I am not really that active in blogging anyways, so maybe just less …

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Sep 27

Seven Years Ago

Wow, yes, the title is right! Seven Years Ago, or almost, by October 12, this blog is seven years old! How time flies! I have a seven year old blog! I could not help it but reminisce and checked my very first entry. Whoa, it is about dieting. Well, Be Beautiful, right? So, do I …

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Nov 24

When I am about to give up

Sometimes when you are about to give up on something, a positive thing about it comes along. Well, just like this blog. I am really having some hard thoughts if I would still continue this or let it go. Well, you know, I have a little amount of money to spend to keep this blog. …

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Oct 13

Let it be managed for you

What I have is a sort of managed hosting service. Thank you to my friend who does all these things for me. You know, having a website is not easy especially if you are a technophobe. You must have someone to support you if possible 24 hours a day. What I like about my friend …

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Aug 30

Healthy blog

Yes, when do you say that a blog is healthy? for those who are monetizing their blogs, they tend to forget that they should write personal posts too. In the first place, that is how your blog started right? If you see so many paid posts already then that blog is becoming weak. Ask Mr. …

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Aug 13

Do you check spam comments?

I do check spam comments. I mean going to the site of the spammer. Is that a good thing or not? I am just curious what these sites are especially those sites that are not obvious or do not have what they sell in the URL itself. I was so excited before to receive comments. …

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Apr 10

100 spam comments

I think I have read in one blog already about SPAM comments. Well, I think it also means traffic or does it really? I am surprised to see 100 spam comments. I did not have a sort of a spam catcher in my previous host or blog platform. Anyways, are these SPAM comments healthy? Where …

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