Dec 09

Exercise is cheaper

No pain no gain? Diets are expensive? To have a great body would really cost you much? That is when you seek medical procedures, maybe. Oh, those questions and realizations. One person who goes on a crash diet stopped because she realized that it is taking much from her cash box. Do you agree? Rather than eating your usual daily meals, you go on a sort of prescribed diet following a certain pattern with identified foods to eat. Yes, some of those food are rather more expensive than your usual groceries. So you begin to ask yourself if you would continue or not. I know one person who let go because she could not afford buying those food anymore. Imagine a three day meal that would cost as much as your one week supply!

Well, then, go back to exercise. Walking around the block is always free!

Nov 22

A decision

Facing herself on the full body mirror, she did not like what she saw. Naked, she did not recognize herself at all. She was frustrated as she touched those flabs. Oh, she felt heavy. She searched for the tape measure. No, she will not hang herself using that. She decided to take note of this new self. She is decided to terminate her though. Maybe it will be like killing her slowly by starving her to death. She tipped the scales and again, the smirk on her face. Oh, what have I become?

Now, she has decided. Would she progress or fail again? Yes, she was in that very same situation a trillion of times. Yet again, that persona she does not like stays…hopefully not for good.

Oct 23

Is he winking at me?

Do you see someone seemed winking at you at the office? Depending on his looks you might feel flattered or angry, right? Hey, slow down and think again! That person might just be resting his eyes. Yes, you read it right, just resting his eyes. Blinking your eyes as if you are going to sleep for at least ten times every 20 minutes would relieve your eyes some stress .

I was trying to take a break from all the work yesterday so I decided to go to my buddies’ posts. Well, one was on rest day so I sat on her chair. She had this flyer about Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) and it got me interested. For the past days, I am experiencing eye fatigue that is why I make it a point to do the tip from FFL about eye rest. I read on the flyer that I might really be having CVS already. It could affect anybody who uses the computer. No exemptions.Old and young alike.

Here are some of the signs and symptoms of CVS:

  1. Eye strain
  2. Headaches
  3. Blurred vision
  4. Dry eyes
  5. Neck and shoulder pain burning eyes
  6. Grainy feeling
  7. Photophobia
  8. Muscle spasms

Oct 21

Wordless Wednesday# 2- How Romantic!


by © joshuagreco

Oct 15

Hoping to get my fashion sense back

Ever since I gained weight, I sort of stopped buying clothes. That is so frustrating for me every time I go to a department store where I could not buy the clothes that I want. I could still remember those times that I could get a medium sized shirt or those that are for teens. Now, I have to go to plus sizes and sometimes the sizes there seem not to fit me. I should be petite at 5’2 but I am size 14-16. Imagine that.

I have a pair of jeans that I use during weekends when we are not to wear our office uniforms. I noticed though that it became my uniform every Saturday if I have schedule for work. If I could notice it, how much more the others? Do you know what I did? I hid it at the laundry area and keep it there for a while so that I would not wear it again this Saturday.

I wish to buy the clothes that I want to wear again. Much more, I wish to have my old figure again. I am not a super model though nor had a perfect 36,26,36.

Oct 14

Wordless Wednesday# 1- Breath taking place


Oct 13

Will I be able to find someone to love me?

One of the fears of a person who is big is to find a lifetime partner who would love him or her for who he/she is. Let us face it, people are by nature visual.

Fat people are featured today in a local noontime show. There was one touching story about a fat lady who was able to find someone who would truly love her.

One night she was riding the metro railway transit and she was looking at a big billboard of God’s image. She uttered a sincere prayer, ” Lord, I hope to find someone who would be deserving of the love I could give.”

She was going on a night out with her friends that night. On her way home, he called on a taxi and she met the love of her life. Yes, she is now married with the cab driver.

Ask and ye shall receive. Seek and ye shall find.

We are all beautiful in the eyes of God.

Oct 13

I got a pedicure!

So, what did I do today so that I would feel beautiful? I got a pedicure! I read from Sandee’s post how much bacteria we have on each feet so better start cleaning it! Honestly, I only go to the parlor for a pedicure when I am going to special occasions and I have to wear an off-toe high heeled strappy sandals! Oh, I have to make my feet real clean so that I can get away with that! Of course, we can do the cleaning on our own and it should also be part of our daily hygiene…or else, our feet might stink…Uh,oh! That would be a big turn off!

Anyways, as of the dieting, I did ten sit ups today. I also did some household chores like washing our clothes. Most of all, my fingers got most of the exercising! Lol!

Oct 13

My niece is also on a diet

I was talking to my sister a few days ago. It was already 8PM. I asked her what are they doing. She said that they were having dinner. She told me that they only had bread for dinner because her eldest daughter who is now 12 years old is on a diet. I asked her why? Is she being bullied in school for being chubby? Some kids could really be cruel. She said that it is my niece’s own decision. She is a member of the cheering squad and it is not that good to be overweight.

Whew! My niece is starting early, huh! That would be one of my inspirations.

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Oct 12

Be Beautiful

I wanted to create a diet blog but then again, I could not really do it because I cannot live up to it. You know, I have been struggling to lose half of me but I am not always successful. Maybe, I should just take it one day at a time? But, I really want to be beautiful again. That is inside out. I mean beautiful physically and healthfully.

What are my first steps? Oh, I have done so many first steps and my friends are laughing at me every time. They always say that I cannot do it. True enough, instead of losing some weight, I even gained more!

I do not dream of a miracle though. All I want is a few pounds lost.
Honestly, I am not a sensible eater. I eat everything I want. Right now, I even have crackers by my side. I am afraid to get hungry?

I have subscribed to many diet sites. I have done those one week diets but then again to no avail. Maybe, just maybe…exercise is still the key?

Hmmmnnnn…. Will I be able to start tomorrow morning?

I have been wanting to launch this blog last October 1. I said to myself, a good way to start the month. Also, in no time Holiday season is here…that means lots of eating again and party everywhere. Oh, well…