Aug 15

Start at Home

I am very happy to know that I got some writing jobs. Well, I can already buy that drum shield that my nephew has been asking for. It is going to be her birthday this OCtober 13, Yes, I still hav two months to save for it or I can buy it right away as soon as I received my payment. I am so excited as I will buy two. Well, I always buy my son the things that I give to others. I think it is just fair. As they say, Charity should always start at Home.

Apr 07

Be Your Best Version

Just browsing thru my e-mails and there is a farewell message from one of our best co-workers, I suppose. Well, it was unfortunate for me to just knew him last Monday during a training. I could have learn more from him. Anyways, he was really good in inspiring people. He said that we have to be our best version so that we would not fail. True, is it not?

Do I hear violins playing while I am getting sentimental over this? Well, how much is a violin? I would really like to buy one though according to one of my friends, it is hard to play a violin. One wrong press on the strings and it would be a bad sound. Well, that is the challenge!

Dec 09

Let us jam

I have a friend named Banjo. He loves music. This post, banjo musicians friend is very for him. How appropriate, right? I once created a poem for him when he was into Bajos. Banjo love Bajos. I wonder where he is now. We have not seen each other for so long. One thing sure, when we see each other again, it will be fun. He will fill the room with his music. I miss him, playing the guitar while I sing to it. He is like a karaoke machine. He is even better because I do not have to drop a coin. I just have to say, let’s jam!

Sep 27

Seven Years Ago

Wow, yes, the title is right! Seven Years Ago, or almost, by October 12, this blog is seven years old! How time flies! I have a seven year old blog!
I could not help it but reminisce and checked my very first entry. Whoa, it is about dieting. Well, Be Beautiful, right?

So, do I feel beautiful today? I honestly do not. I think I need to get that inspiration I had seven years ago. I must admit, I did not really try hard to make it.

Should I make that promise again? What will I be after seven years again or should I wait that long?

Sep 21

Add more

My friend told me that he is planning to join a seminar that will teach him about sound system set-up. That is a great idea! I advised him to invest in good sound system equipments and even music instruments. Well, I just saw this pod x3 live and I think he can make use of it. According to him, he does not really like to venture into a business. I said to him that since the seminar is very expensive, better make use of it. After all, he already has a number of music equipments and all he has to do is add some more.

Sep 21

Pretty in Pink and Black

She came to the office pretty in Pink and Black. She loves wearing dresses and when you think of Pink, it is HER!
Black dress and Pink Bolero, pink shoes and pink watch. She has pink bag and pink wristlet too. Her mobile phone is also dressed in pink just like her. No, her name is not PINK. She is just a girl in a woman’s body.

Aug 15

When some things need to end

There are really things that need to end. Well, even this life is just borrowed. It is just a circle of life they say. Well, a circle has no start and end, right? How ironic that saying is, now I realized. Maybe, a cycle is more appropriate? Well, again it is oval, no start, no end, round. So, what do we do? Make it beautiful. Live to the fullest. When the time comes that we need to say Goodbye, we can say, I live good. Thank you, Life.

Aug 13

The fruit vendor reminded me to buy a guitar

I bought grapes from the office fruit vendor and he reminded me about the nearing Christmas season. Well, he was indirectly telling me that the prices of the fruits will go up. Very clever marketing, huh! Well, I thanked him because I am actually thinking of buying gifts this early already or maybe start saving for the expensive ones. I have my eyes on the beautiful and pretty martin drs1 and I must have that solid wood guitar! For whom? well, I would say, for the whole family as all of us would like to play the guitar!

Aug 12

Practical and good idea

Some people ask for not so common gifts. Well, I am going to attend a wedding and what is indicated in the invitation is for me to help them build their home! There is also a list with pictures and high level specification of what they need. Yes, somewhat like a home wedding registry! Good idea, by the way! It is very practical. Anyways, I saw 48 inch Drawer slides and I think I already know what to give this couple.

Aug 12

Time to stock up

One of my favorite shows right now tackles house and home and decorations. I really love all the set-ups there from the garden sets to the kitchen to the bathroom and to the different rooms. There is one house with lot of tables and with beautiful square tablecloths 80 x 80! I love the floral designs for summer! That inspired me to check about table cloths as I think we do not have as many as other things in the house. I think we only have two! Imagine that! Time to stock up. I think it is good to have at least six. Well, to go with the curtains and to the neutral color of the wall paints. I am really excited. Actually, from now on, I shall make sure top have table cloths in every table in the house. There is one for every size! There are many colors and so many designs to choose from as well!