Feb 24

The Yo-yo diet

I do not know if I have written about this but then come to think of it, most of my posts about dieting represents a Yo-yo diet.
I saw her and she was sitting on the sofa and she was actually bloated as she just finished her dinner. So, she stopped dieting again? There were also wrappers of our favorite chocolates and hmmm… yes, she stopped dieting again.
When will be the next cycle?
I saw chips as well.

Feb 03

Enhance your movie and gaming experience

What is a butt kicker? Is it some type of an exercise machine? I was so interested that I searched for it. Then, I found out that it is actually a very good invention as it enhanced your movie or gaming experience! Wow! Yes, you can have that at the comfort of your own home! Not just in the movies or gaming centers, anymore! Oh, yes, of course, it is still best to watch a movie or have a game with someone but still, you can do it at your own home! Buy two or more butt kickers!

Feb 03

Yay to Fitness

Yay to Fitness! That needs to be my Mantra! Gosh, I gained 3 kilos this Holiday season! I am now having a hard time to lose it. Well, I still love eating. I love rice! I actually told myself, eat or exercise? I mean, to diet or to exercise? I know that those two should be combined. For now, I am exercising! Yey! Well, I try to do Ten Thousand Steps per day. Let us just say I started last Monday. I hope to be able to continue it for my health.

Dec 03

I forgive myself

I am really happy that I can now easily forgive myself. I do not obsess anymore whenever I commit mistakes. After all, what can you do–just move one, right? Fix what needs to be fixed, learn from it, then move one. Sounds, easy? I had a hard time learning this. It took me some time before I learned to be able to forgive myself and accept that things may not be perfect all the time.


Dec 03

All Moms are like that

I have a friend who will really be happy with musicians friend coupons! Well, she loves everything that will give an extra item or gift besides what she is actually paying for. Well, maybe all Moms are like that? Anyways, she can really make use of those music coupons since she regularly buy guitar strings, picks and other accessories. I hope to get more coupons that will last a year. I can imagine now the smile on her face once she get hold of the coupons.

Nov 02

Fear of the Grey World

Well, after 4 days of lazying around–just lying down all day watching movies in my I-Pad, I am finally up. Now, I am having sort of unfamiliarity with the upright position. Is it it or am I already hungry? Or, maybe I am becoming dehydrated? I realized that my fluid intake upto this time was only a cup of coffee and a glass of pineapple juice. Or, I am just getting old. Here I am again, fearing of the grey world.

Oct 12

The shopper but not the payer

When you talk to kids, you always learn something new, right? This time for me, schecter 7 string. Well, my nephew is asking me to look for it because on of his band mates need it. Yes, they are asking me knowing that I am in all kinds of musical instruments and its accessories and brands too. Oh, it is okay for them to ask me as long as I will not be the one to pay for it. I can purchase it for them as well since online shopping is very convenient specially to this store that I love to go to.

Oct 12

Go back to Diet and Live Healthily

One of my prayers—to live at least 20 more years with no sickness—just healthy and no problems.

They say that I should not just pray for God’s Mercy but I have to work hard for it as well.

So, I always tell myself Go back to Diet and Live Healthily.

I really wish I can do that.

I have to go back to the Doctor as well.

My latest Annual Physical Exam Results stated that I am a borderline.

I mean- all test have borderline results. I am specifically concerned with my Cholesterol levels. I need to make it lower—the bad Cholesterol.

Sep 16

A gift for a job well done

How much does a guitar cost these days? We already have two but I want to buy another one. Not for the family but as a gift to one of my nephews that will be graduating from College this October. You know, a gift for a job well done. Now he can focus on his guitar lessons since classes are done! I know that he got talent and he would like to pursue music too!

Aug 15

Eat at least six times a day

Eat at least six times a day… in small proportions. That might help you not to overeat during the main meals. Hahaha, she has been reading again as she gained six pounds in less than a month. Talking about crash diets and all.

Healthy snacks could be the key. There is yogurt! Go for the real one, I suggest. Fruits are also good. Peel off some carrots, the best!