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Mar 25

The promised microphone

Yey! Guitar Center has, shure at a great price! Well, we bought a music system that supposed to come with a microphone. I searched for the product in the internet before purchasing it. I tried to sell it to her so that she would give the budget for it. I showed to her that the …

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Feb 03

Enhance your movie and gaming experience

What is a butt kicker? Is it some type of an exercise machine? I was so interested that I searched for it. Then, I found out that it is actually a very good invention as it enhanced your movie or gaming experience! Wow! Yes, you can have that at the comfort of your own home! …

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Dec 03

All Moms are like that

I have a friend who will really be happy with musicians friend coupons! Well, she loves everything that will give an extra item or gift besides what she is actually paying for. Well, maybe all Moms are like that? Anyways, she can really make use of those music coupons since she regularly buy guitar strings, …

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Oct 12

The shopper but not the payer

When you talk to kids, you always learn something new, right? This time for me, schecter 7 string. Well, my nephew is asking me to look for it because on of his band mates need it. Yes, they are asking me knowing that I am in all kinds of musical instruments and its accessories and …

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May 21

Its own language

When ypu heard this term, tenor cup mute, what comes to your mind? Does it mean quiet or complete silence? Did you know that it means, better sound? That soft and mellower sound that you aspire for a horn or maybe according to what you want to hear as these cup mutes are adjustable as …

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May 20

What you really need versus what you want or the same

Online shopping is the best, would you agree? The stores are complete. You would not get lost and it is very easy as one, two, three? What more? There are! You could never go wrong!I love product specifications and an idea on the actual experience of the product that you intend to buy. It …

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Nov 24

Growing fast in my eyes

I came home and saw my son. He was showing me his armpit and asked me to smell it. Oh, my 10 year old son used deodorant already? I asked him what he put on his armpit and according to him, some lotion and alcohol and cologne. Oh, child! That would ruin your very young …

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Sep 18

See you there

One of my favorite sites is Well, I like to buy headphones, earphones, musical instruments such as guitars and drums. I also like sound systems. I also love accessories that go with my guitar. The site has many offers too from time to time thus I get a lot of savings. Try visiting this …

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Aug 30

New Jacket

She’s trying to choose from the north face jackets that she found online and she fell in love with one! Great! She can now let go of the decade old brown jacket or those two pashmina shawls that she has been using alternately to protect her from the cold air-con and air breeze. I really …

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Aug 09

A backpack is more practical

It was my friend, Manny’s birthday last Sunday! Whoa! He got great gifts which include a backpack! I am jealous! I shall buy my own backpack one of these days. I guess, it is more practical as I can put all the things that I need. I do not have to carry two or more …

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