Category: hygiene

Aug 29

Health pill

Blogging as a health pill. I am sure most bloggers would agree. Blogging for me has been a therapy. Yes, call me crazy but this world has been one of my listening friends for the past years. Well, in some way, it could respond too if there would be kind bloggers to take a peek …

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Jun 28

I miss the bubbly girl

It is her second night of not eating dinner. I wonder if she is on diet pills that suppress hunger. Well, I think it is doing a great job. She does not look hungry, though. Maybe, she already ate outside before going home. Anyways, I hope that it is just it. You know, the diet …

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May 31

Vegetables on the table

I have been serving her veggies lately. Yes, for diet but most of all for good health. I observed that she has difficulty in bowel movements lately. I could hear her doing the valsalva maneuver. I pity her. I could feel her pain. yes, to put it simply, she is having constipation! She said that …

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Apr 13

The dreaded body smell

I do not really smell that good because I am not fond of using heavy perfumes. As a matter of fact, I even gets dizzy whenever I smell strong ones. Could we really smell ourselves or our noses are just sensitive to another person’s aroma. What if you smell something bad from a friend? Would …

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Jan 05

Hair color and black snow flakes

It is time again to color her hair. Oh, people really age that fast. Not everyone could hide it. Blessed are those who are blessed with better genes meaning being able to stay younger than their real age. Is that really possible? Oh, I know a couple who are more than a decade apart in …

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Oct 13

I got a pedicure!

So, what did I do today so that I would feel beautiful? I got a pedicure! I read from Sandee’s post how much bacteria we have on each feet so better start cleaning it! Honestly, I only go to the parlor for a pedicure when I am going to special occasions and I have to …

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