Category: exercise

Feb 18

Biking workout

Another affordable workout is biking! I prefer the kinetic biking with force and effort combined, meaning there is actual distance. Okay, I should not talk Math here. 😉 What I mean is real bikes! You know, those BMX or racer bikes. Now, I just need to find a bike that will suit me. I guess …

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Jan 09

Move or be broken

My friend told me that I always feel tired because I do not exercise. How ironic, huh? Is it not that exercise is actually tiring? The idea of running in a treadmill makes me tired already, how much more actually doing it? Just like a bone.. it will not grow if you do not use …

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Dec 27

Big Eighty!

My friend would like to buy my used treadmill. I am having second thoughts about it thoug. I need to use one too. I gained so much weight these past few days and the last time I stepped in to the weighing scale, I could not belive it but I saw 80! Well, if I …

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Aug 27

Shop for all ages!

I went biking last week and it felt good but at the same time, painful. I think I need a pedal exerciser. Well, it is not that I am going to prepare for any competition but at least it could aid in the leg endurance. I realized that I have not been even walking lately. …

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Mar 11

Tension headache

Do you feel an odd pain on your nape sometimes? It feels like there is some kind of an object weighing around two or more kilos put on your nape. That is tension headache for me. I experienced it for the very first time when someone very close to me left us. Since then I …

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Jan 06

Walk, bond and loose some weight

Walk, bond and loose some weight. How are the three related? Well, it is written in many books that walking is the best exercise. Sometimes, we all find excuses, lots of them in doing some physical activity. It is tiring and the most famous one~ I do not have time. You do not have to …

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Dec 09

Exercise is cheaper

No pain no gain? Diets are expensive? To have a great body would really cost you much? That is when you seek medical procedures, maybe. Oh, those questions and realizations. One person who goes on a crash diet stopped because she realized that it is taking much from her cash box. Do you agree? Rather …

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