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Feb 24

The Yo-yo diet

I do not know if I have written about this but then come to think of it, most of my posts about dieting represents a Yo-yo diet. I saw her and she was sitting on the sofa and she was actually bloated as she just finished her dinner. So, she stopped dieting again? There were …

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Aug 15

Eat at least six times a day

Eat at least six times a day… in small proportions. That might help you not to overeat during the main meals. Hahaha, she has been reading again as she gained six pounds in less than a month. Talking about crash diets and all. Healthy snacks could be the key. There is yogurt! Go for the …

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Dec 01

Fresh produce

Oh, yes, she counts calories! It is about her diet again, yes! I think I should get her a weighing scale for food. She can use that in measuring her food especially those that do not have a calorie count in the label. Mostly, fresh produce like the tons of apples and bananas and watermelon …

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Aug 03

Enjoyable diet

1200 calories per day for a woman, is that enough? Well, I read in one blog about surviving in around 800 calories per day. I wonder if that is even possible. Well, diets could really be that lonely? I do not think so! I am actually formulating some recipes right now on how to have …

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Aug 09

Not everyday please

Tuna diet has ended! Yipe! The sun is out! Well, after being stuck for almost three days, we can finally go out. Well, I do not want to step on the scale as surely I gained weight because of the long hours of sleep. Thanks to the rain! Anyways, I really hope that it will …

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Jul 09

Healthy food for her

What happened to her diet? Has she totally forgotten that she needs to lose some weight? Starvation is not the key, I guess. Those fad diets only make her backslide. I think she needs to establish a new regimen. I wish I could help her on that. I shall cook healthy food for her, I …

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Jun 16

The secret to lose weight

Could the solution for obesity? Many people are trying to lose weight. Many have failed but some have succeeded. For those who failed, they try again and again and again and again. It is a good thing for those who keeps trying, right? I know someone who never gives up though she seemed not …

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May 06

Juice only

Can you live in juice alone? That is her question. Maybe? Well, she is in total desperation. I really do not know how she will be able to do it. Well, lose 4 pounds in two days. That will be magic, I guess. Anyways, I really hope that she knows what she is doing.

Jul 14

Now is the time

Oh, her sentiments? No matter how hard she tried to control eating, she could not because she is a stress eater. Diet pills that work fast might be just what she needs, then! Well, she has not tried one as she would like to try it on her own first. Well, after almost eight years …

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May 22

Solution or buffer

Summer is about to be over. After all the beach parties, swimming every night, great food in Fiestas and basically, splurging on ice cream and halo-halo, surely to buy phenphedrine is the next best thing to do. Well, rainy days are not different when it comes to your appetite to eat. There is actually no …

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