Category: Be Beautiful

May 16

Daily Devotions

I am bow trying to renew my faith. Being Beautiful inside is one of my goals now. The daily devotion today really hits me. It made me realize that indeed we are very careful of things that will harm our physical being… But then, how about pur soul? What do we do to ensure that …

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Apr 03

First post for the new host

Hi guys! This is a new home for this blog! Why am I keeping this? Well, I am still hoping that this will still be alive–blogging that is! The title of this blog is Be Beautiful. As my tagline says–I want to be beautiful inside and out. It is a continuous fight. It is a …

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Mar 25

Long life

There she is, at the table with chips, tea and some bananas and her computer. To think that it is very early in a Saturday morning! What a healthy lifestyle, huh! Well, I tried to encourage her to get some exercise. Maybe she will start to log her activities again by Monday! I saw her …

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Mar 16

The singer and the writer

I read an e-book about backstage pass. I really like the plot as it tells about a band and a writer who fell in love with one of the members of the band. The female writer fell in love with the guitar man. The guitar man is also the lead vocalist and he writes beautiful …

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Feb 03

Yay to Fitness

Yay to Fitness! That needs to be my Mantra! Gosh, I gained 3 kilos this Holiday season! I am now having a hard time to lose it. Well, I still love eating. I love rice! I actually told myself, eat or exercise? I mean, to diet or to exercise? I know that those two should …

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Dec 03

I forgive myself

I am really happy that I can now easily forgive myself. I do not obsess anymore whenever I commit mistakes. After all, what can you do–just move one, right? Fix what needs to be fixed, learn from it, then move one. Sounds, easy? I had a hard time learning this. It took me some time …

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Oct 12

Go back to Diet and Live Healthily

One of my prayers—to live at least 20 more years with no sickness—just healthy and no problems. They say that I should not just pray for God’s Mercy but I have to work hard for it as well. So, I always tell myself Go back to Diet and Live Healthily. I really wish I can …

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Sep 16

A gift for a job well done

How much does a guitar cost these days? We already have two but I want to buy another one. Not for the family but as a gift to one of my nephews that will be graduating from College this October. You know, a gift for a job well done. Now he can focus on his …

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Aug 15

Start at Home

I am very happy to know that I got some writing jobs. Well, I can already buy that drum shield that my nephew has been asking for. It is going to be her birthday this OCtober 13, Yes, I still hav two months to save for it or I can buy it right away as …

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Apr 07

Be Your Best Version

Just browsing thru my e-mails and there is a farewell message from one of our best co-workers, I suppose. Well, it was unfortunate for me to just knew him last Monday during a training. I could have learn more from him. Anyways, he was really good in inspiring people. He said that we have to …

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