Apr 06

Health Alert: Boils

I think I have a boil!
I am quite worried but of course, I need to calm down.
I will just pay a visit to the doctor by Tuesday.
It is vacation time and I will be back in office where I will avail the services of our company doctor.
I do not think that I need to go to an ER for my boil.
I will try first some home remedies.

What are the causes of boils?
Well, as of me, it could be:
1.tight clothes – I always wear pants–jeans per se and not even those slacks or leggings that are made of soft fabric. Maybe it is time for me to shift to dresses.
2. ingrown hairs- well, yes, I shave and I read that it could be one of the causes.
3. staph infection – I hope, not, right?

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