March 2014 archive

Mar 31

Chet and her new guitar

Chet tweeted gibson es 335! Well, I immediately called her and asked her if she has a Gibson already. She smiled and laughed and told me that she was expecting me to react that way. Then, she did not answer my question. She told me to visit her to see for myself. This friend of …

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Mar 19


Took a peek at his logs and found out that he was looking at mpd32 from guitar center. Now I know what to give him this Christmas. It is Peter my cousin who visited us for the Holidays. Well, he might be surprised when he returned and just see that right at the doorstep. 🙂 …

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Mar 17

Beautiful songs from her Aunt

Rina is moving out! Her only wish is to be able to ship her beautiful piano to her Aunt’s house. She used to live with her Aunt but since Rina is moving out to a place in the city, her Aunt will live now in one of their houses in the province. Oh, surely Rina …

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Mar 14

Summer means

Banner Printing is in nowadays since there are so many events! Well, it is Summer here in our country! Summer means graduation day. Summer means fiestas. Summer means great parties. I could still remember when I graduated, there was a big congratulatory message that my parents did for me. It was in a big, big …

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Mar 13

Double purpose

Have you noticed the extra coldness during night time these past few days? Almost everybody in the household has colds already. I hope that it will not progress into a flu. Should we really consider an electric blanket? We were discussing about thermal agents last night and an electric blanket and thermal suit became our …

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Mar 02

Forgiveness is a choice

Forgiveness is a choice. I really like watching movies that have moral lessons. Just like the movie that I am watching right now, tells about forgiveness. Well, as one song says…forgiveness is a miracle of love.