Apr 12

My first land

If there is a business I want to get into, that will be real estate. I already have an experience in this field. Well, I worked for a real estate and construction company at the same time before. Yes, the company sells land and they also construct. Two big endeavors and seem large capital, huh? Well, the income was good as my boss was able to buy six cars in cash all at the same time also. Well, he has four kids and the other two cars are for him and his wife. Yes, I sort of rode in all those cars. 🙂

Working as the assistant to my boss, I was also exposed to selling and acquiring a land area. Pretty cool! Well, I really learned a lot from that experience. Because of that, I was able to buy a piece of property in cash also. Well, thanks again for the encouragement of my employer. He was such a good adviser and teacher. He wanted me to grow and really be able to make it in life.

Right now, I am canvassing some real estate properties once again. Yes, time to increase what I have, right? Progress. After all, it has almost been a decade since I bought my first land. 🙂

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