June 2011 archive

Jun 23

Dress code

I first heard about Zamberlan Steep from my pretty office mate who is into mountaineering! Oh, she looks so sexy and cute in that get up! True, we should wear the right kind of attire including the shoes depending on what we do and where we are going. As of the boots, here in our …

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Jun 15

Benefit of the consumers

It is good to know that there are now services or even malls with coupled Visa reward card. There is one local mall here in our country which has a partner bank and the credit card is also named same as the mall name. There are also gasoline stations with its own reward card or …

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Jun 05

Call me handsome

Oh, beautiful rifle scopes! Perfect gift for my nephew before the school starts again. He was actually asking me to bring him to a camp or forest or at the beach before the reading and all the paper works and tests are here again. I really love my nephew. He is a cute boy! Oh, …

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