October 2009 archive

Oct 28

Be ready

I have been receiving life insurance quotes via e-mail. It is okay with me because it is good to have options. Yes, I am considering insurance as one of the things that I should prioritize so that I could secure my son’s future. With the unclean air in the atmosphere nowadays, we do not know …

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Oct 20

Track record

My previous boss is now working as one of the business plan consultants for the company. It is a new challenge for her. It was her first day in the new department last Friday and she was already given an assignment. It was relatively new for her because all her life in the company, she …

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Oct 17

Silver and gold

I want to try gold investing. I believe that if there is one investment that would surely give you some profit, that is selling gold. People love gold and people love jewelry. If there would come a time that it seems that no one is buying gold, it is alright because gold is something that …

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Oct 15

Match it

How You Can Start Spending Smart – has always been a challenge for women or particularly, mothers. They should always rise up to that challenge if they want to be trusted . Yes, there are households now where it is the man who manages the budget. I wonder how hard it is for a mother …

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