Jun 11

The mirror tells the truth

Sometimes, even if you know it already, you still want to hear it from others. Like being fat for example, you already know it because you could see yourself everyday every time you go in front of the mirror, right? There are love handles, double chins, small nose, etc… What more do you need? Do you still want to know if you are fit? Do you actually believe that somehow, the mirror lies?

If you would like to know if you are fit… then take this quiz.

She took it and she answered the questions truthfully. Thus, she got the obvious result… 🙁

You’re Not Very Fit

You’re likely to admit that exercise just isn’t your thing. You don’t really like to exercise.

Your heart may be in the right place, but you’re not exercising enough to see any benefits from it.

Maybe you need to experiment with new activities to find something you love.

Whether it’s roller derby or surfing, just getting out there and moving will do wonders!

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