April 2009 archive

Apr 27

Flu from animals

Our family had a flu shot a couple of weeks ago. I just do not know if it was for bird flu which is the flu that we always get the shot for. Recently, there was some news about flu froom the pigs or the swine flu. Another flu from an animal? So, we are …

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Apr 26

Sit on

One of the most important things inside our homes is the toilet seat. It is being used by everyone. However, not everybody feels comfortable on it. There is a remedy for that. You could purchase a toilet seat riser. But, I am not talking about the ordinary seat cushion that you could get from the …

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Apr 25

Eat like a baby

She was so desperate and she thought that maybe if she would eat like a baby or a toddler, she would get thin. Why not? Babies only take in milk as their only source of nutrition. Actually, I think that is where those shake suppliers got the idea. Some people only take shakes and eat …

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Apr 22

Sore throat could be contagious

Okay. No kisses. No talking closely. If I could isolate myself then I would but I could not because I do not have two houses. Good thing I am on leave from the office so I would not be able to spread the strep virus. Now I know where I got it. There was actually …

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Apr 18

Control the influx

For someone who has a big appetite, I think a natural appetite suppressant is necessary. I for one, need it. I eat too much especially when there are parties and gatherings. Those are the times that we actually gain those extra pounds. Why? We eat extra but we do not move extra, which is the …

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Apr 17

Catch a star

Everybody in the household is excited to go to swimming. I hope we could get affordable beach vacation rentals. Our son would really like to go to the beach this time and look for some star fish. He had been drawing about it lately. He also said that he would catch one for his small …

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Apr 14

Be closer

One thing that is very important for all is having a good breath. It would be very annoying if you are speaking with someone and he or she is covering his nose or somehow keeping a considerable distance from you. No one would like to experience toothache too, so better yet, brush your teeth three …

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Apr 13

The dreaded body smell

I do not really smell that good because I am not fond of using heavy perfumes. As a matter of fact, I even gets dizzy whenever I smell strong ones. Could we really smell ourselves or our noses are just sensitive to another person’s aroma. What if you smell something bad from a friend? Would …

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Apr 10

You need a vacation

Stressed? Tired? Then you need to have a vacation. Try Riviera maya family vacations. Oh, you might say that you might just want to relax on your own because sometimes, you need some peace? You could still do so even when you have your kids around. That is what Karisma hotels could offer. Enjoy the …

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Apr 10

100 spam comments

I think I have read in one blog already about SPAM comments. Well, I think it also means traffic or does it really? I am surprised to see 100 spam comments. I did not have a sort of a spam catcher in my previous host or blog platform. Anyways, are these SPAM comments healthy? Where …

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