January 2009 archive

Jan 21

Be all what you have to be

There is a male celebrity here in our country who made a total transformation. After admitting in a local show here about his sexuality, he did some gay roles. At first, he was not yet resorting to cross dressing. In one awards night though, he appeared wearing a woman’s dress. During the interview, he said …

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Jan 07

Keep a healthy mind through good conversations

We should also keep our minds as healthy as our body. Healthy mind, healthy body, perfect combination. How do you keep a healthy mind? How do you exercise your brain? Reading is one of the best choices. Well, it could be reading an actual book or through your e-book reader, surfing the net, and others. …

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Jan 06

Walk, bond and loose some weight

Walk, bond and loose some weight. How are the three related? Well, it is written in many books that walking is the best exercise. Sometimes, we all find excuses, lots of them in doing some physical activity. It is tiring and the most famous one~ I do not have time. You do not have to …

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Jan 05

Hair color and black snow flakes

It is time again to color her hair. Oh, people really age that fast. Not everyone could hide it. Blessed are those who are blessed with better genes meaning being able to stay younger than their real age. Is that really possible? Oh, I know a couple who are more than a decade apart in …

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Jan 04

5 tips to make life better

Many people had died during the Holidays. They said that it may be due to over eating and over drinking or stress. I know two persons who died on their sleep last December 31, 2008. It must be really painful for the families they had left behind especially it is New Year’s Eve. But really, …

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