May 16

Daily Devotions

I am bow trying to renew my faith.
Being Beautiful inside is one of my goals now.
The daily devotion today really hits me.
It made me realize that indeed we are very careful of things that will harm our physical being…
But then, how about pur soul? What do we do to ensure that our soul is healthy too!

May 07

The results are in

Well, I went to do a very delicate test for a woman.
I prayed hard for the results to be clear.
The OB was ecstatic with the results and congratulated me.
Positive! No, I am not pregnant! I mean I am cleared of any uterus or ovaries affectation. But, wait, a small myoma that is negligible as per OB.

It is annual APE time and my schedule is May 30. I really want to do the APE already since it is okay to do it earlier. However, I am actually afraid again of what the results maybe. I keep praying everyday for healing.

Apr 21

Birthday Surprise

I need to write about the Birthday Surprise I got from an advertiser! They paid me! Yes, I was really surprised seeing the e-mail. I checked my paypal account and the money is there! Praise The Lord for ths wonderful blessing!

Tomorrow is my birthday! Well, we have money to spend for good food and maybe some shopping on the side! Time to celebrate!!!

Apr 08

Still Unpaid

One of the reasons why I am keeping this blog alive is because there is one advertiser left for this blog.
Well, to think that this blog was not around for almost a couple of weeks, the advertiser did not pull out. What a good and most considerate one, you might say? Not! Well, the advertiser has not paid me since July 2017 and I really hope and pray that they will pay me already. They owe me more that a hundred dollars and counting since they decided to keep their link here.

Anyways, I also have paid for this domain thus-why not maintain it right?
If the advertiser pulls out their link–then maybe, it is goodbye for this blog as well.
I will just maintain one blog and focus on it.

Apr 08

This Blog is Alive

Well, I am happy that I was able to find some posts that I thought I lost. As I have mentioned this blog has a new home.
So far, so good.
I think I just lost around a year of posts but I am not really that active in blogging anyways, so maybe just less than posts were lost.
Anyways, as I am about to maintain just two blogs, I guess, I will be more active in blogging.

Apr 06

Health Alert: Boils

I think I have a boil!
I am quite worried but of course, I need to calm down.
I will just pay a visit to the doctor by Tuesday.
It is vacation time and I will be back in office where I will avail the services of our company doctor.
I do not think that I need to go to an ER for my boil.
I will try first some home remedies.

What are the causes of boils?
Well, as of me, it could be:
1.tight clothes – I always wear pants–jeans per se and not even those slacks or leggings that are made of soft fabric. Maybe it is time for me to shift to dresses.
2. ingrown hairs- well, yes, I shave and I read that it could be one of the causes.
3. staph infection – I hope, not, right?

Apr 03

First post for the new host

Hi guys! This is a new home for this blog!
Why am I keeping this? Well, I am still hoping that this will still be alive–blogging that is!

The title of this blog is Be Beautiful.
As my tagline says–I want to be beautiful inside and out.
It is a continuous fight.
It is a big challenge.
I will try. I will try.

Mar 25

The promised microphone

Yey! Guitar Center has, shure at a great price! Well, we bought a music system that supposed to come with a microphone. I searched for the product in the internet before purchasing it. I tried to sell it to her so that she would give the budget for it. I showed to her that the music equipment comes with a microphone. She sings or likes to sing so she immediately approved the purchase. I went to shop and I was happy to be able to get what I want! The downside- there was no microphone that came along with it. The salesperson said that only online purchase has the package. That is why, I am happy to know that I can purchase the promised microphone at a great price and the brand is of quality also! Everybody, happy!

Mar 25

Long life

There she is, at the table with chips, tea and some bananas and her computer. To think that it is very early in a Saturday morning! What a healthy lifestyle, huh! Well, I tried to encourage her to get some exercise. Maybe she will start to log her activities again by Monday! I saw her effort but it is just that she cannot sustain it. Anyways, I hope she does as I know that she wants to live a long life as she always pray for at least another 20 years of good life with me!

Mar 16

The singer and the writer

I read an e-book about backstage pass. I really like the plot as it tells about a band and a writer who fell in love with one of the members of the band.

The female writer fell in love with the guitar man. The guitar man is also the lead vocalist and he writes beautiful lyrics as well.

This book sort of awakened my love for composing. I enjoyed reading the beautiful story and yes, expect a happy ending.

The scenes came alive inside my mind and my favorite was the concert scene and the hard rock and roll. I could hear now the clamor of all the fans adoring the band and yes, I saw myself as one of them. I felt that I was also one of the characters.